Nanolithography is predominantly used in several segments of technology from electronic to biomedical. Nanolithography is a division of nanotechnology and the term is processed for imprinting, writing or etching patterns in a microscopic level to produce incredibly small structures. This progression is characteristically used for generating smaller and faster electronic devices such as micro/nano chips and processors. Nanolithography is an extensive term used to define numerous processes for making nano scale designs on diverse media, the best common of which is the semiconductor material that is silicon. Field effect transistors(FET), Quantum dots, gratings, zone plates, nanowires, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems(MEMS), Nano Electro Mechanical Systems(NEMS) or semiconductor integrated circuits and photomasks are some of the multigate devices which are included in the applications of nanolithography.

  • Nanopatterning and Nanotopography
  • Micro and Nanoimprint solutions
  • Nano-electro-mechanical systems(NEMS)
  • Laser Nanolithograpy
  • Nanowires, Nanorods & Nanofibers

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